As the leaves begin to change in cold, windy West Michigan, I’m left to reflect and ponder on where I’m at in life. The leaves resonate a new hue; a different shade. Plants die, animals retreat. Autumn signals a period of change, in which I’ve never been one to embrace easily. This period before the dark, tumultuous winter, often is a source of fear and unknown. Bitter cold. The sting of ice. It’s easy to feel lost and alone in this stretch of the year. Asking “Where am I going in life?” “What am I doing here?”

I grab a strong, dark coffee and think to myself. “Man, I’m so different than when I was 18.” I was aimless. I had no idea what I wanted from myself. But eventually, I began to see things differently. This was because I struggled for a solid two years. I felt so much pressure from being in school and being on my own that I didn’t know how to manage it. I overloaded my schedule, and thus my mind, to a point of pure misery.

But where am I today? How does present day Cam feel?

I feel fantastic.

I’ve finally gotten a hold on this idea of balance. School, work, love, life, music. Whatever you love to do, do it enough to enjoy it, but balance it. I’m in the best mental spot I’ve been in my entire life because I’ve been gradually working on it for the last two years. But, I’m far from perfect.

Sure, I can openly admit to some things. I can get lazy and I don’t focus on what’s important. But right now, typing this post, I feel like I have finally put things together a bit.

Change is necessary and revitalizing. You always come out of a situation in life learning something. I’ve always been a fan of learning. Learn every single day. Whether it’s not knowing a song existed that your friend has pestered you to listen to or quantum physics. It truly doesn’t matter as long as your brain is moving in the direction of learning.

Learn something new today,


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